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Prospects of the Cleaning Industry

The cleaning industry is poised for robust growth beyond 2024. The global cleaning services market was valued at approximately $60 billion in 2020. The global cleaning services market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 6-7% from 2024 to 2030, driven by increased demand for cleanliness, technological advancements, sustainability trends, and expansion in emerging markets. The market is projected to reach approximately $100-110 billion by 2030. Companies that innovate and adapt to these trends, particularly by incorporating technology and offering specialized services, are well-positioned to capture a larger market share and realize substantial sales potential.

Franchise Policy

Three major systems for terminal distributors

Category Agency System

Flexible agents & precise deals

The project offers a wide range of agency methods that enable potential distributors to find customers using their own resources, with a high degree of precision and flexibility.

Regional Protection System

Regional protection & secured revenue

Regional distributors and franchises have the right to exclusive agency, and are only authorized to engage in business activities within the scope of their region.

Channel Sharing System

Channel sharing & continuous revenue

With sharing channels, category agents and the headquarter expand franchises jointly so as to accelerate market developing.

Exclusive agency

There is only one distributor within each region and for each single category so that the competition is significantly reduced; through the model of channel co-construction and resources sharing, orders are automatically assigned to the corresponding agents.

Whole-store output

We provide a series of services such as store site selection, decoration guidance, and unified trademark, standards, store image and VI visual system.

Millions of subsidies

According to the franchise's market performance and evaluation, the headquarters will provide millions of subsidies and more marketing resources to the outstanding dealers every year.

Assistance on customer developing

Marketing experts of the headquarter help dealers build multi-channel diversion programs to improve customer conversion rates.

Marketing support

Marketing support: The headquarter regularly conducts online and offline training to help dealers build professional distribution teams and customize efficient transformation programs to achieve sustained terminal sales.

Supply Chain Layout & Agency Cases

High-quality raw materials and technology are indispensable for making good products. CHANCEE has reached long-term strategic cooperation with globally famous spare part manufacturers such as SICK (Germany), AMETEK (USA) and Tianneng (China), in order to introduce the latest materials and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment manufacturing technology, realize constant innovation and renewal of our products and shape a brand image of high quality and low prices. The major core components of CHANCEE cleaning equipment, including suction motors, brush motors, drive axles, batteries, sensors and micro switches are at the leading position of the whole industry.
  • Chongqing agency case

  • Dezhou agency case

  • Dongguan agency case

  • Hefei agency case

  • Ji'an agency case

  • Qingdao agency case

  • Shaoxing agency case

  • Suzhou agency case

Cooperation Process

Learn about the project

Customers learn about the project through online and offline resources.

Information review

Potential customers communicate with our project manager and fill out the application form for category agency.

Headquarter visit

Potential customers visit our headquarter to deepen their understanding of the project.

Signing of the agreement

The project manager provides investment analysis report to the customer and both sides agree to sign a cooperation agreement.

Continuous support

The headquarter supports agents in all aspects to help ensure their success and profitability.


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