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Chancee Technology made a good start after the commencement of work

2023-01-29 09:01:28

2023 is the first year after the end of the “dynamic zero” policy and a crucial year for China’s economic recovery. Chancee Technology, with its extensive product line, is dedicated to the development and production of scrubbers, sweepers, vacuum cleaners and high-pressure washers to satisfy customers’ needs for fast and effective cleaning of indoor and outdoor ground, factory area, storehouses, buildings, streets and other complex environments.

The Lunar New Year holiday of this year is ended and all our staff have returned to work now!


It is worth mentioning that, Chancee Technology made a good start on the second day after the commencement of work, shipping for the first time 500 scrubbers to Sweden and 1,700 sweepers to Germany, which marks that our business has landed traditional industrialized countries in Northern and Western Europe and a new stage of our international market development. As the emergence of new products and application of new technological achievements, we firmly believe that 2023 will witness a more stable track of development and a better market performance of Chancee Technology.


Looking back and looking forward


In the past year, which was full of uncertainties, Chancee Technology rose to the challenge, continuously strengthened its inner potential and promoted transformation, rapidly and orderly promoted the renewal of products and technology, while actively responded to market changes and fully demonstrated the company’s profound business accumulation and remarkable pressure-bearing ability. Facing with 2023, a year of both challenge and opportunity, Chancee Technology has made full preparations to accelerate the development and production of new items. It has invested 800 million RMB in the building of Chancee Cleaning Smart Manufacturing Park in Dingyuan, Anhui, with the main construction and equipment installation completed, which is ready for mass production to satisfy the drastically increasing market demand. In order to provide higher-quality products and services, Chancee Technology invests 3% to 7% of its annual sales revenue in R&D. In 2022, the total of R&D expenses exceeded 30 million RMB, with a year-over-year growth of 12.96%.


In 2022, Chancee Technology achieved a high-quality development in both the domestic and the international market, while provided a model for the layout of China’s cleaning equipment brands in the globe and helped accelerated the “going out” of China’s cleaning products. We are firmly convinced that, with our great achievements in 2022, 2023 will be a year of further growth and prosperity for our company.


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