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HOMENewsChancee Technology Warmly Welcomes Global Customers to Visit and Inspect Our Facilities and also Encourages Online Inquiries for Price Quotations

Chancee Technology Warmly Welcomes Global Customers to Visit and Inspect Our Facilities and also Encourages Online Inquiries for Price Quotations

2023-05-18 05:05:31

Committed to becoming a leading provider of professional cleaning equipment, Chancee Technology has been rapidly expanding its overseas business. We look forward to finding more international customers and working with more quality overseas agents and distributors.

After the 2023 Canton Fair, we have seen a steady increase in factory inspections from overseas customers. They have visited our factory in person for on-site inspections, as well as communicating through online video conferences and other methods. Through these various means, we have successfully achieved cooperation intentions.

In Chancee’s exhibition hall, visiting customers have gained in-depth understanding of the global development history of the cleaning equipment industry, as well as the development process and corporate achievements of Chancee Group. Chancee Technology is dedicated to cleaning equipment products, covering four core product lines: floor scrubber, floor sweeper, vacuum cleaners and high-pressure cleaners.



During their visit to the production base, the visiting customers gained an understanding of the working principles, manufacturing processes and quality control standards of Chancee’s floor scrubbers and sweepers. They highly praised Chancee’s products for their independent intellectual property rights.


During the visit to our office area, the visiting customers gained further insight into our company’s corporate culture, which revolves around the values of “customer first, teamwork, integrity, openness and self-reflection, continuous improvement, and innovation and pragmatism.”

Chancee, with industrial and commercial cleaning equipment as its core, integrates independent research and development, manufacturing, sales, and service. With a cumulative supply of 460,000 units of various types of cleaning equipment, Chancee has earned the reputation as the “hidden champion” in the domestic cleaning equipment industry.

Chancee has four major smart manufacturing bases in Hefei, Nantong, Chuzhou and Dingyuan. These bases cover an area of over 500 acres and include dozens of categories, including floor scrubbers, sweepers, vacuum cleaners, high-pressure cleaners, cleaning tools, and cleaning agents. With more than 1,000 different product models, Chancee also boasts a 50,000-square-foot distribution center that allows for nationwide logistics and distribution. As a result, Chancee is recognized as one of the largest cleaning equipment manufacturers in China in terms of sales volume.

Today, “Chancee Smart Manufacturing” has expanded its reach beyond the domestic market and is exporting to several overseas countries. This achievement is attributed to Chancee’s commitment to independent research and development, as well as strict quality control measures. These strategic directions enable Chancee to provide high quality cleaning equipment to customers worldwide. Chancee Technology welcomes global customers to visit our facilities and inquire about pricing through free online consultations.


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