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Office Area Solutions

2022-12-09 10:12:09

The office environment directly affects employees’ working efficiency as well as their physical and mental health. Manual cleaning may suffice for offices of a few dozen square meters, but will be extremely costly in the case of large office areas of several hundred square meters.


Traditionally most enterprises recruit cleaning workers to take charge of the sanitation of their office areas. As it is becoming difficult to find manual labor at relatively low cost, a larger number of companies are turning to cleaning equipment such as sweepers, scrubbers and vacuum cleaners to replace part of their cleaning personnel.


Ground type:

Compound ground, solid timber ground, plastic ground, tile ground


Main contaminants:

Dust water stains


Cleaning demands:

Noiseless and portable equipment that is easy to be transported and suitable for use in tiny space


Recommended solutions:

CHANCEE M30 Hand-push Scrubber, CHANCEE CRS2870 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner.


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