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HOMENewsIndustry InformationProfessional Industrial Floor Sweeper-The Chancee U190CAR.

Professional Industrial Floor Sweeper-The Chancee U190CAR.

2023-12-15 05:12:54

Ride-on Floor Sweeper-U190CAR, Front Water Mister, One-touch dust shaking, blockage-prevention technology.


U190CAR Ride-on Floor Sweeper is powered with shake-vibration technology that shakes off the dust on the filters to improve suction power. Its built-in features, such as self-cleaning filters and a front water mister, ensure dust suppression and provide consistent suction. The bright LED headlight, turn signals, safety warning light, Low center gravity design, anti-slippery tires help keep the rider safe during operation. With rotationally molded polyethylene housing, The Floor Sweeper is corrosion and impact resistant.



The Ride-on Floor Sweeper can be used on hard floors, such as concrete, asphalt, & more, indoor or outdoor in dry conditions.


✓ Large cleaning width with a notable efficiency of 180,834 ft²/h, making large space cleaning much easier and faster.


✓One-touch dust shaking, prevent blockage, ensure longer service life


✓ Anti-Collision design makes your floor sweeper last longer, maneuver with ease.


✓ 48 Gal large-capacity debris hopper, 21 gal water tanks, high-density nylon brushes, easy to perform continuous cleaning work.


✓Front water mister ensures dust suppression.


✓This Ride-on Floor Sweeper machine operates electronically, collecting, sweeping and sucking in the debris all at once, leaveing no flying dust, low noise, no exhaust emission. It is environmental friendly.


The design of the Ride-on Floor Sweeper is beautiful and suitable for cleaning parks, streets, stations, docks, roads, residential quarters, warehouses, factory workshops, schools. stadiums, large venues, airports, etc.


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