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2022-12-28 05:12:49

The cleaning of the hotel has always been complicated and requires a lot of time and manpower. In order to provide better service, all aspects of cleaning need to be considered. The current advancement of science and technology makes cleaning less troublesome, so what kind of cleaning equipment do you need?


Hotel cleaning equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, economy, and environmental protection, and meets the needs of hotel cleaning in all scenarios. The specific cleaning equipment includes carpet vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaning machines, floor mopping machines, floor hair dryers, and Single Disc Machine Washer & Polisher.


1. Chancee X06C : Walk-behind Floor scrubber, hotel rooms vary in size, and some corners are difficult to clean. The small hand-push scrubber has a rotatable structure and can rotate 360°, which can better clean up narrow spaces . The three-in-one scrubbing and suction make cleaning easier. Save effort to solve 98% of space cleaning problems.



2.Chancee TX330 : Carpet cleaning machine , the carpet is made of wool and chemical fiber, and it is easy to absorb dust. If the dust is not cleaned for a long time, it will threaten people’s health. At this time, although the carpet has no obvious stains, daily cleaning is also indispensable. Carpet vacuum cleaners have just met people’s needs for daily cleaning of fine dust.



3.Chancee PX10 : Sofa Carpet Spray extraction machine. When using, the first step is to vacuum the surface of the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. The second step is to dilute the cleaning agent and sprinkle it on the carpet. Wait for about 10-15 minutes before cleaning. You can also directly inject the diluted cleaning agent into the water tank. After that, follow the steps to complete the cleaning. The integrated spray and pump can absorb stains instantly, and the fabric dries quickly and saves time.



4.Chancee FA650 : Air Mover Carpet Dryer ,The carpet dryer is equivalent to a powerful hair dryer, with strong wind and effective dehumidification, which can keep the ground dry, which is especially important in rainy days. We can see it in many places such as supermarkets, subways, hotels, etc., to keep the ground dry and avoid slipping when walking.



5.Chancee DC1517 : The Single Disc Machine Washer & Polisher is also a new and convenient cleaning method, with rich foam, easy to dry the floor, not easy to damage the carpet, and clean. Floor washing, carpet washing, waxing, and low-speed polishing are all in one machine, and one machine is efficient for 5 people.



The above are some cleaning equipment needed for hotel cleaning. It can be seen that with the development of science and technology, our cleaning equipment is also advancing with the times, changing our lives to meet people’s higher requirements for life.

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